1. Stop and remain at the scene

In you are in the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident, stop the car immediately and remain at the scene. Do not drive away from the scene, even if it is a minor accident. Fleeing an accident scene can be a serious offence. You should turn on your hazard lights and step out of the car when it is safe.

Stop and remain at the scene

2. Check on everyone involved in the accident

Before assessing the damage to the vehicles or any property, check everyone involved in the accident and make sure they are alright.  If anyone is injured, call an ambulance. Only move an unconscious victim if there is a hazard involved, otherwise wait for an ambulance.

Check on everyone involved in the accident

3. Call the police and clear the road

Even when there are no serious injuries, it is a good idea for you to call the police. Once the police arrive you may need to fill out a police report to file a claim with your insurance. While waiting for the police, you should move any cars obstructing traffic, but make sure to take a photo of the scene before you move the cars.

Call the police and clear the road

4. Get information and document

It is important to note down as much information as possible of the scene, vehicles, damage, people, and any injuries to people involved. Take down the names, contact numbers, license plate, drivers’ license and insurance information. Also take notes of when, where and how the accident happened. Include things like potholes and broken traffic lights.

Get information and document

5. Take Pictures

If you have a camera in your vehicle or a cell phone with a camera, you should take pictures of all the visible damage to the vehicle. If you or anyone in the car has any visible injuries, then you should take pictures of those as well.

Take Pictures

6. Seek medical attention

Many injuries from motor vehicle accidents are not immediately apparent. It is very common for someone to start feeling the pain a few days later or even a few months. It is always smart to seek medical attention to prevent potential injury to the spinal cord and some insurances will cover the treatments with no out-of-pocket cost.

Seek medical attention

7. Keep a file

Keep all your accident related documents and information. This should include receipts for a rental car or any other expenses from the accident. This should have all the pictures along with the names, numbers, medical bills.

Keep a file