Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease, or the sensation of radiating pain or numbness from a degenerated disc of the spine, mostly affects people in their 30s.

If you’ve ever dealt with the disease, you will have a number of questions, including how to take care of your health or the restrictions on your physical activity.

The entire experience can be a painful one; thankfully, Dr. Grant can help you.

Degenerative Disc Disease over Time

Dr. James Grant, a chiropractor in the Salt Lake area, can help you lessen your discomfort. His chiropractic practice, popular in the Salt Lake area, can help you live a normal life, just like before.

Dr. Grant understands that the degenerative disc disease is likely to progress over time.

“There is a lot of misunderstanding behind this disease”, he says, “but the degenerative cascade theory should explain a lot as to how the pain from this disease is likely to subside with time and proper care and attention.”

Interestingly, the term ‘disease’ attached to this condition is a misnomer by itself, because it is not so much of a disease as it is a condition that results from disc damage. Degeneration is part and parcel of aging, and as such, there is nothing to panic about it.

Pain from Degenerative Disc Disease

According to Dr. Grant, there are a number of ways in which this condition produces pain. The most common is, of course, inflammation which is caused by the proteins in the spaces of the disc.

If located in the lumbar disc, the pain will radiate to your hips and the back of your leg. If located on the cervical disc, then the pain will travel to your neck and shoulders.

Another disturbing condition of the degenerative disc disease is that of micro motion. Wearing down of the disc results in your body not being able to resist micro motions.

In a combined effect of both these symptoms, it is common for the affected part of the body to go into a spasm and cause sharp pain and imbalance in the spine.

Dr. Grant can help you control and treat the problem. He can even suggest you better ways of prevention and in relieving the pain.

Prevention of Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease With Dr. Grant in Salt Lake City

Wrong posture and unhealthy positioning of the spine remains the primary causes of the problem. “Poor alignment of the spine, especially in the age group of the 30s to 50s, are common among those who have jobs that require a lot of sitting and typing”, he says.

These habits can trigger the wear and tear of the discs which in no time will start giving you a lot of pain. To ensure the longevity of your spinal discs, Dr. Grant suggests you to make sure to practice correct posture and keep your spine well aligned so that the discs can be kept in good shape.

Make an appointment with Dr. Grant’s Chiropractic Clinic in Salt Lake City today. He will employ both non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical methods to help re-align the spine. These includes methods like specific spinal manipulation, instrument assisted manipulation, and flexion distraction.

Other manual therapies also like a therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, and manual joint stretching could be used too, according to your needs.