Diathermy Therapy – Dr. Grant gives you a Painless Life

Diathermy therapy, or the use of high-frequency electric current to induce heat energy in the muscles and joints, can work wonders when it comes to alleviating pain after an injury.

Dr. Grant uses the technique for pain alleviation, to increase the blood flow and reduce inflammation of the joints. By increasing the blood flow and mobility of the joints, it accelerates the healing process.

Types of Diathermy Therapy

There are 3 types of diathermy therapies, and the therapy that is right for you, depends on the purpose of the therapy.

The first type is the shortwave type of diathermy which uses the electromagnetic energy of a higher frequency. In general, it is applied to strains, sprains, tenosynovitis and bursitis.

Second is the microwave diathermy which applies to cases of deep tissues and does not really heat up the skin. It is generally used for the shoulder area.

The third type of diathermy is ultrasound diathermy which employs the use of sound waves to treat deep tissue pains. This technique is specially targeted at muscle spasms, joint contractions, joint adhesions, neuromas musculoskeletal sprains and strains.

The Procedure of Diathermy under Dr. Grant and Its Benefits

Diathermy manages to heat the target tissues of the body without actually heating up the body and the skin. It is a therapeutic regimen and is rehabilitative in nature.

Your appointment and session frequency is usually tailor-made by Dr. Grant for your needs. Diathermy increases your blood flow and relaxes the nerves of the target area, thereby leveraging its flexibility, its abatement of inflammation and reduction of edema and fluid retention.

Dr. Grant looks at diathermy for issues like arthritis, myositis, neuralgia, tendonitis, sprains and strains, back pain, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, bursitis and the like.

Diathermy Therapy With Dr. Grant applied to Knee

Patients Who Should Avoid Diathermy

Diathermy can heat up implants inordinately causing them a lot of damage. So as a rule, patients with implants like pacemakers, prosthesis and Intra Uterine Devices should not opt for diathermy.

Other than this, if you are already suffering from diseases like cancer, peripheral vascular disease, reduced skin sensation, fractured and broken bones, bleeding disorders, infections, pregnancy, inordinate perspiration, wound dressings, you should also avoid it. Moreover, diathermy should not be applied to sensitive areas of the body like your eyes, ears, brain, spinal cord, heart, genitalia and reproductive organs.

Prepping For Diathermy – What to expect in an appointment with Dr. Grant?

Just like an x-ray, before starting a diathermy session, you will be required to remove all metallic objects from your body like jewelry, buttoned shirts, and zippered pants, belts, watches. It is recommended that you wear loose and comfortable clothing. You may also be required to put on protective eye wear during the session.

Dr. Grant utilizes diathermy to treat several conditions, the most popular one being muscular skeletal problems. It penetrates deeper than any other physical therapy method. It is very helpful to increase blood supply, increase oxygen supply and help your healing process in an accelerated manner.

After your session with Dr. Grant, you will feel more flexible and will be able to participate in physiotherapy in a much more uninhibited manner. You can visit Dr. Grant at Accident and Injury Clinic in Salt Lake City for a pain free life.