If you have been injured in an accident or suffered from some bodily injury you will generally receive some level of corrective care for those injuries.  It is natural for us to think about corrective care, but there is one type of care that can really provide us with great health that all too often is overlooked.

We’re talking about a health maintenance care program.  First, it is important that we fully understand what maintenance care is and the key benefits you will receive from it.

Maintenance care is not designed to help with pain, instead it is designed to retain the structure and function alignment and strength that you have been able to established throughout the corrective stage of therapy.

It is similar to getting a piano tuned.  When a piano is out of tune, a specialist will come in and tune the piano so it is back on key and functioning exactly the way it was designed.  Before the professional piano tuner leaves your home, in many cases that piano will already be out of key again slightly because the strings are trying to get back to the way they were.  Over time, the strings will become conditioned to the new way until it is finally back in tune on a regular basis and functioning the way it was designed.

How Piano’s and Dentists Give Us The Blueprint for Excellent Health

Your body works in a similar manner and regular tune-ups are necessary to make sure everything is functioning the way it was designed.

You can think of it like getting your furnace or air conditioner tune-up or your automobile tuned up or getting an oil change to make things function better so that you won’t have problems later on. When a professional gets your spine corrected, it is similar to a dentist who has just taken off the braces on someone’s teeth at the end of treatment or correction.  The dentist will tell you your teeth are straight now but you need to wear something at night to prevent the teeth from going back to its original position

The dentist will give the patient a retainer to wear at night so that so they can accomplish the goal of retaining what was gained during several months of corrective procedures.  This is very similar to the spine. If the spine is out of alignment for more than 30 days, small calcium crystals can form which can cause degenerative arthritis and spurs. These calcium crystals need to be broken up before they get hard. This way, they can reabsorb into the system without forming an irritative spur.

Adjustments to the spine can facilitate breaking up these calcium crystals. The disk does not have a blood supply to it and one of the ways that the disc gets nutrition and receives nutritional help is through fluids or what are known as synovial fluids that surround the disc.

When we adjust the spine, this allows those fluids to easily go into the disc and give it the nutrition that it needs. This process also takes pressure off the nerves.  As you probably know, all the nerves come out of your spine and go to your many different organs.  If we adjust the spine and take pressure off those nerves your organs will function with 100% nerve flow rather than functioning at a lesser percentage. This allows your body to function at its ultimate best and not only help you with your spinal care but every function of your body will be improved by maintenance adjustments.

“80% of the population will have a disability because of a neck or back problem sometime in your lifetime.”

If a disc gets dried out it can be similar to an old rubber band that is cracked and brittle. When you pull on that old rubber band, it snaps very easily.  Similarly, if your disc becomes dehydrated and dried out or desiccated, the fibers in the disc can crack very easily.

There is a gel like center in the disc.  When the disc cracks the gel inside can start to leak out, similar to a jelly donut when you squeeze too hard on it.  The gel can literally ooze out and cause severe pain and dysfunction to the nerves that are being compressed, and you will experience pain and tenderness, most commonly down the arms or down into the legs. When we adjust the spine, it allows these fluids to go into the disc space and hydrate the disc so it’s spongy rather than dried out and rigid.  This will protect the spine so your chance of degeneration and herniating a disc will be very minimal.

So again, the reasons for maintenance care is not for pain, but instead for long term wellness and proper function and is a very important part of both injury recovery and optimal health.

Simply put, if you want to feel better and give your organs the ability to function better then proper ongoing maintenance is something you should take seriously.  Your back and musculoskeletal system will improve and in general your overall health will be sustained.  Neck and back problems are the number one cause of pain and disability in the United States, and the number one cause of workmans comp injuries.  It is also the number one cause of time lost from work.  80% of the population will have a disability because of a neck or back problem sometime in your lifetime.  The sad part is that this is largely preventable with a regular health maintenance program. with So of course anything you can do to prevent this from happening is going be beneficial.

How Piano’s and Dentists Give Us The Blueprint for Excellent Health

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