Intersegment Traction – When Do You Need It?

Intersegmental Traction Explained by Dr. James Grant

Intersegmental Traction is a Chiro technique. The purpose of this technique is to trigger passive motion in the spine which in turn helps the backbone to stretch out properly and to restore flexibility and mobility to the spine so that it can normally move within the range of possible movement.

With age and the associated wear and tear of the muscular-skeletal system, the back becomes weak and more susceptible to injuries and stiffness that is painfully crippling in nature.

Dr. Grant performs this therapy with the help of traction table that stimulates the spine and the spinal joints with gentle motions. He will adjust the rollers and angles of the table to give you the best results, depending on your condition.

Procedure Used by Dr. Grant with a Traction Table

This traction table makes the use of rollers which can be adjusted as per your need and with the help of these rollers only, the movement is inducted on the spine. It assists the spine to stretch and gradually accommodate more movement.

Dr. Grant will use a variety of angles and motions of the traction table to help the vertebrae of your spine come back to their normal positions.

On an average, a 10-minute long Intersegmental Traction session involves about 200 interactions with the traction table.

As a result, you have a well-restored spine, a rested pelvis and a substantial recovery process to be happy about.

Benefits of Intersegmental Traction under Dr. Grant

Intersegmental Traction is a very relaxing procedure and helps to exercise the spine without active effort from the patient himself. With these induced passive motions, the spine relaxes, and little by little mobility is restored.

Dr. Grant has used Intersegmental traction primarily for back related problems, and in his vast experience, he informs us that patients find therapy via the neuro flex traction table very relaxing and rejuvenating in the long term. At Dr. Grant’s Accident and Injury Clinic, he uses state of the art neuro flex traction tables for the best results of their patients’ recovery.

Other benefits of using Intersegmental Traction with the help of a traction table include delay of the onset of arthritis, management and repair of the natural wear and tear of the muscular-skeletal system and increased flexibility of the body.

It increases the concentration of blood flow and oxygen to the target area, thereby aiding good balance, stronger mobility and a remarkable reduction in spasms and subluxations of the spine.

Learn how Intersegment Traction can help you live a happy life Dr. Grant

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