Laser Therapy – How Can It Help?

Laser therapy has been a groundbreaking tissue healing and pain management therapy of this century. It is being used to treat conditions like arthritis, sprains, joint pain, back pain and other ailments.

Dr. James Grant successfully uses laser therapy to provide full recovery to his patients and help them live a painless life.

Uses of Laser Therapy by Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant advocates the use of laser in the recovery and healing of musculoskeletal problems. He uses laser therapy for treating muscular and skeletal conditions like herniated discs, shoulder injuries, degenerative joint disease, knee injuries, chronic aches, strains, sprains and ankle injuries.

According to Dr. Grant, all these injuries respond well to laser therapy. He states that laser therapy can enhance the rate of recovery 5 to 6 percent.

Dr. Grant uses Class 4 laser, which means a power no more that 0.5 watts, a FDA approved range and completely safe to use. Class 4 lasers are particularly useful to treat deep-seated injured tissues which cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Dr. Grant employs it to promote mobility and flexibility on the affected area of the body such that exercise and rehabilitation can be easily applied.

Procedure of Using Laser and its Effects

By using a Class 4 laser, he projects light into the damaged tissues of those suffering from chronic backaches or joint pains, which makes them feel comfortable and relaxed.

The laser light stimulates the mitochondria (powerhouse) of the cells of the affected tissue. Mitochondria release energy in the form of ATP. The laser light enhances the ATP production of these cells, and due to this increase in ATP, the healing time of the damaged tissue is enhanced significantly.

Patients are able to recover fully and get back to their routine in a short period of time.

low lever laser therapy Dr. Grant Chiro Lower Back

Success of Laser Therapy by Dr. Grant

By using state of the art laser therapy, Dr. Grant has successfully treated many patients by helping them to reduce pain, eliminate inflammation and promote micro circulation. This enables the damaged tissues, and strained muscles to stretch out and relax.

Also by increased micro circulation, it is easier for more blood and oxygen to reach the damage points and thereby aid and improve the recovery process. Dr. Grant also uses laser therapy for repetitive abnormal conditions of the muscles like carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder. Other benefits that patient receive include:

• Quick recovery from pain

• Reduced inflammation

• Timely recovery from injuries

• Strengthening of the structural integrity of injured area

• Enhanced blood and oxygen circulation

To sum up, Dr. Grant’s laser therapy is a modern and effective way to treat muscular and skeletal problems of the body. If you have been suffering from aches and pains that refuse to go away, you can reach out to Dr. Grant at the Accidents and Injury Clinic. For more information, visit