Lower Back Injury – Dr. Grant Can Help You!

You can get a back injury anytime and anywhere. It is very common and the number one cause of crippling pain and disabling effects. It can lead to a situation where you even standing up becomes difficult for you.

Lower back injuries can develop due to a variety of reasons. Sudden movements like twisting can cause back muscle strain or a ligament strain leading to acute pain. Muscle spasms can also accompany the pain making it really painful.

If you’re suffering from back pain, book an appointment with Dr. Grant. Here is why.

Chiropractic Treatment of Lower Back Injuries by Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant treats lower back injuries in primarily two ways. The first is via spinal manipulation and manual manipulation.

By employing the use of neuro flex traction tables, Dr. Grant induces passive motion in the lower back so as to restore its mobility. A neuro flex table is convenient and used to manipulate your lower back without any actual participation on your part. The therapy is really beneficial for the displaced vertebrae to get back to their natural position.

The second form of treatment that Dr. Grant uses is called mobilization. In this regime, Dr. Grant makes use of state of the art Class 4 laser, which helps to reach and relax the deep seated injured tissues of the lower back.

Ultrasound therapy may also be used, depending on the needs of the patient. By relaxing and stretching out the affected muscles, Dr. Grant helps to revive mobility and flexibility of that area, while simultaneously reducing inflammation at the injured body part. Other than this, you may also be treated with options like diathermy and electric muscle stimulation.

Additionally, if your lower back injury has resulted in a herniated disc, Dr. Grant will take care of it through Spinal Decompression therapy. With the help of Spinal Decompression, Dr. Grant will not only make the herniated material settle back into place, but also allow for better absorption of proteins that are necessary for the strength and stability of the spine.

With Dr. Grant, your recovery treatment plan is going to have a long lasting effect due to the regenerative nature of chiropractic therapy.

Effective Chiro Care for Lower Back Injuries

Lower Back Injury – Dr. Grant Can Help You!

Chiro care can help to heal lower back injuries in a totally noninvasive and nonpharmaceutical way. Dr. Grant utilizes effective spinal manipulation techniques which help to heal and strengthen the lower back.

As long as Dr. Grant has been in practice, patients have found Chiro care as effective as regular treatments of physiotherapy and pain medication. The recovery is long lasting because Dr. Grant always includes strengthening and improved mobility as core features of his therapy. Use of laser therapy and massage therapy ensures a faster rate of recovery so that you can get back to normal living as soon as possible.

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