Happy New Year! right here we’re again with a contemporary yearr in advance people. As we look lower back on 2016, i am hoping we had many successes that we are able to use to provide us a few momentum for greater success in 2017.

All the world over, humans are making resolutions to be higher than they were formerly. the ones decision will take many form. a few will be economic. some will should do with our relationships, both non-public & enterprise clever. Others can be approximately teaching ourselves or growing our competencies. Many will make resolutions to be kinder or greater loving. maximum will need to do with our own health. whether it is getting more sleep or consuming better or including more exercise into our lives & taking higher care of ourselves.

As you are aware, i am a Salt Lake city chiropractor. What you can not recognize is that i’m an entrepreneur & love commercial enterprise. As part of my 2017 resolutions, I joined a mastermind organization of other business proprietors in which we are able to learn from each other, inspire every different & because we are a collection, we may be greater together than if we have been separate. in this mastermind, we have been discussing failure & worry. you notice, many if now not most people fear failure. As we had been discussing this it changed into brought out that worry is just anticipation that you’re going to fail. We then discussed failing & how powerful failure can be in our achievement.

Henry Ford stated, “Failure is sincerely the opportunity to start once more, this time greater intelligently.” another quote that i’ve heard but am no longer certain the author is, “Failure isn’t the other of success, it’s part of achievement.” Michael Jordan said, “i’ve neglected more than 9000 photographs in my career. i have misplaced almost 300 video games. 26 times, i have been relied on to take the game winning shot & neglected. i have failed over & over & once more in my lifestyles. And this is why I succeed.”

the ones mistakes or failures will constantly be aside, & come earlier than our fulfillment. it’s miles up to us to look the energy of failure. the earlier we take delivery of it, include it, modify after it, & continue on, the sooner we are able to discover achievement.

So in 2017, we could grow to be better than we have ever been via continuing past the screw ups till we attain achievement. take into account that the key to no longer only chiropractic, but success as nicely, is consistency. continuously hold shifting forward in the direction of something nice desires you have set for yourself.

To Your Health,

Dr. Grant